Shiny and New

Hi! Welcome to my new internet home! If you've visited my old place for the past *embarrassingly long time,* my neglect for the space has been obvious. I've been wanting to revamp my online presence for a while, and have been ignoring my previous site as a result.

My old site didn't have the flexibility to evolve at the same rate my creative output has, and I couldn't properly highlight my increased focus on writing. While I continue to produce illustrations on a regular basis, my writing has become as equally important in my publishing goals.

In future posts, I'll talk as honestly as I can about the publishing world and my place in it. (Spoiler alert: my place is tiny and rather insignificant.) I do this while recognizing the billion other sources online to find great information. And while my experience is singularly mine, and everyone's journey is different, hopefully it will be helpful to others. 

I'll be back soon with more posts. In the meantime, I have a new website! You can find a select list of my past projects on the books page, or see samples of my illustration and design work on the pictures page.